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Choose hardwood flooring, and you get all its benefits

One of the longest-lasting materials in the flooring industry is hardwood flooring. With a professional installation, its lifespan can reach and exceed 100 years. And if this is the floor covering you choose, you'll find it fits your requirements very well.

These floors offer incredible durability, which helps them reach their expected lifespan. But it can match your decor with stunning accuracy too. And the more you find out about what hardwood can do for you, the better flooring choice you can make.

The perfect visual is available

It's easy to find a perfect look with wood floors, even with a unique decor style. These floors offer a wide variety of colors, including trendy options like gray and blue. Whitewashed is a popular color option, which works with farmhouse and beachy designs.

Other features add more visual appeal, including board width and installation layout. And as you layer all these options together, your perfect look will emerge. What's more, you can change the color and finish type when you have your hardwood flooring refinished.

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Durability is crucial to your floor's lifespan

Solid and engineered wood flooring are both very durable materials. Solid wood offers excellent stability and resists wear well with a professional installation. In addition, they work well, even in areas of high traffic.

Engineered materials feature a layered construction, with plywood layers on the bottom; however, the top veneer consists of 100% natural wood in a species of your choice. These floors work well in all spaces, even with dampness and humidity issues.

As you learn more about these two materials, you'll likely find one works better for your home than the other. And we can help you match benefits for the perfect hardwood flooring for your home. Ask an associate while you're here with us if you have questions.

We have the wood floors you need

At Flagship Floors Inc., we cater to your need for flooring, service, and customer care. Our inventory has a collection of quality materials that will fit your needs. And our experienced associates are standing by for any remodeling need you have.

You'll find the hardwood flooring that works for you in our League City, TX showroom. From there, we serve communities like League City, TX, Friendswood, TX, Webster, TX, Dickinson, TX, and Houston,TX. Be sure to stop by today to speak with an associate about your specific flooring needs.