Countertops make up one of the most important parts of your kitchen or bathroom. We all use our kitchen and bathroom every day. These are probably the places most visited by guests too. You want your kitchen and bathroom to be a place where you can feel comfortable and at the same time be able to express your own style. Their countertops are one of its fundamental parts and luckily we offer some of the best ones!

Granite is a great choice for your countertop. Granite is an igneous rock that contains tiny flecks of minerals that provide granite countertops its "salt and pepper" appearance. Granite gives your bathroom countertops a sense of depth that could not be found at such intensity in any other man made material. It is made up of hard material which makes it resistant to heat, which keeps it from melting or scratching easily. In addition it is a surface resistant to bacteria. This rock is then polished and made into a durable fine looking countertop that adds sophistication and value to your home.

By far, the most popular countertop material today is quartz due to its combination of beauty and easy maintenance. Quartz comes in a wide array of colors, from soft earth tones to bright crimson. Quartz is one of the hardest surfaces on earth. It is non-porous, scratch resistant, and it inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew.

Marble comes in many different colors and give your countertop a glowing touch. This reflected light is due to the calcium the marble contains. Because it is heat resistant and is always kept cool, this material is great for creating pastries. Its texture is even nice and smooth. When dealing with maintenance of it, a damp cloth is all you will need. Wiping the surface with this cloth rapidly after your spill will give you the best results.

Flagship Floors works in partnership with some of the best known fabricators in our community. We carry a large variety of Granite and our design experts know that the right counter top can bring new life into your bathroom, kitchen, or work space. You can be assured you are getting a beautiful new countertop at a very competitive price!

We invite you to drop by our design showroom to discuss your ideas with our countertop experts and see what we have to offer.

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Granite & quartz countertops
Granite & quartz countertops
Granite & quartz countertops
Granite & quartz countertops